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WorkOut Music Gym Pro

4.0 ( 3840 ratings )
Утіліти Музика
Розробник: Lifestyle Guru, LLC
19.99 USD

Make your gym training even more entertaining with WorkOut Music Gym Pro! This application will be following the course of your training, controlling the time of your workout and rest with the help of music! Enjoy the playlist of pre-recorded compositions to match with your exercises: choose fast and heavy songs for running and weight lifting and select calm and slow compositions for the rest. The app will guide your through your workout and at the end will give your results! Plus youll be able to use the convinient timer with the possibility of setting the necessary bpm.

HOW TO USE: In the playlist menu choose the songs youd like to listen to during the workout. Choose the timer settings and get to work straight away.

WorkOut Music Gym Pro features:
High-quality audioplayer
Convinient timer
Intuitive controls
Eye-pleasing visuals

WorkOut Music Gym Pro is a an amazing companion for all of your trainings! Get healthier listening to your favourite song!